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The current global pandemic has impacted almost every area of our lives. We are certainly living through unusual and difficult times. I hope that you are keeping safe and healthy.

Sherpa is a small business, and we have been sideswiped, like so many others, by the coronavirus outbreak. This means we have had to make some really difficult near-term decisions in order to ensure the long-term viability of the business.

In agreement with all of our partners, we are pausing the UK for new business until the external environment improves, while ensuring that our existing members are well looked after. This is a temporary hiatus – we are maintaining our FCA regulatory status, with a view to restarting operations as soon as is practical.

Pressing pause in the UK will allow us to focus our time and resources on our rapidly growing B2B business. We have built a unique robo-advisory and Score technology, across all insurance lines, and we are already helping insurers and distributors in Asia, Europe and soon the US to solve their most pressing problems: customer engagement, cross-sell and moving sales on-line.

I would personally like to thank all those who have helped to get Sherpa to this point:

  • All of our members, SME and B2B customers – who took a chance on Sherpa as a young business – we owe you everything
  • The amazing Sherpa team – over the past few years, we have had more than 200 people work for, invest in, advise and support the business
  • Our strategic partners, particularly Fearlessly Frank, GenRe and Certua, who continue to be unstinting in their support of Sherpa

This is a new beginning for Sherpa. While change is always hard, particularly when it is forced upon you, we are excited about the future and what it will bring.

Onwards and upwards,

Chris Kaye

Co-Founder and CEO

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