The Brain


The Sherpa Brain™ makes insurance mind-bogglingly simple.
Meet the Brain
Insurance is complex. Building a technology company to help people understand and navigate this complex world, requires some even more complicated technology.
Here’s where the Brain comes in.
The Brain is the technology that powers the Sherpa recommendation algorithm. It’s the technology that evaluates you on a human level, understands your risks, your lifestyle, and your requirements, and recommends you the right amount of protection.
It’s what makes Sherpa, Sherpa
Does it really understand me?
Yes, in short. Machines are very good at processing huge amounts of data, and making unbiased decisions. Believe it or not, they’re sometimes better than us humans.
The Brain processes the data you give it about you, understands the financial impact of bad things happening to you, then makes sure that you have the best support to cover you if something does go wrong.
Because Sherpa doesn’t charge commissions, there’s no incentive for it to recommend you too much, or too little cover. The Brain tells you what’s right for you, not what’s right for anyone else.
How does the Brain work?
Our recommendation is based on the support your family would need to maintain their standard of living if you passed away.
Your personalised support will include up to three types of life policy, each covering a different situation: help with your ongoing family expenses, to pay off a mortgage or in the form of a lump sum.
Each option is tailored to reflect how and when these needs would arise, so your cover truly matches your risks.
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