Explore How Our Advice Works

Explore How Our Advice Works

Insurance is worthless if it doesn’t cover what you want it to, or doesn’t pay out when you need it.  So getting the right advice on what you need, can save you a whole lot of time, money and potential heartache.

Why does buying  insurance have to be complicated?

Until now, you could only get this advice by spending hours wading through Which? and, or multiple meetings with a broker or IFA.

Is there an easier solution?

You are self-employed – you don’t have the time for this. So Sherpa built a robo-advice engine, just for you.

Image Showing How Sherpa Helps You Save Money On Your Insurance

Getting the right insurance starts with knowing what the right insurance is – for you.  We are all unique.  Most insurance companies think that either one-size-fits-all, or that everyone has the same knowledge of insurance as they do.

How to get better insurance advice.

At Sherpa, we think a bit differently.  We think everyone should get the right advice.  So we built a robo-advice engine.  In effect, we opened up the heads of some very clever accountants and financial advisors, scooped out the contents, and converted it into a very smart piece of software – what we call the Sherpa Brain.  To learn more about the Brain (of which we are very proud!), click here.

We then tested it – a lot.  In fact, the UK regulator has been closely following these tests to make sure that the advice we give is accurate.

And then we decided to put it online and give it away, for free. Why on earth would we do that?  We decided that the more you understand what insurance you need, the more likely you are to become a Sherpa member – and we get paid when you get protected..  See here for how we get paid.

How you get insurance advice from Sherpa?

You answer a few easy questions about yourself, your lifestyle and your finances.  Sherpa crunches the numbers, and advises you on what types of insurance you need, and how much of each you need.  That’s it.  2-3 minutes, and you are done.

There is fantastic general information on insurance at Which? or But for real personalised advice, for someone as unique as you, try Sherpa.