Finding Your Way When Self Employed

Finding Your Way When Self Employed

Meet Sherpa consultant Donna Hay. Our resident social & content manager, Donna reflects on how important it is to find your why…

‘I was taught at school that money = success and success = status. Money = status. This meant that every decision I made about my career choice was based on the salary, the prospects and how good my job title looked on my LinkedIn profile. Director. CEO. Head of. MD. These were the roles I was aiming for. And why? Well because if I had this job I could drive that car, buy that house, get that great pension.

But as I started out on said career ladder and faced many ups and downs, moments of real learning, growth and well actual, grown up life…the more I realised that what I needed was to find my why, without thinking about the title, the status or the money.

So why is your why so important? Think about this for a second. What if the money dried up? The company car was stripped from you? How would that make you feel. What if all this changed but your job remained the same? Would you still leap out of bed in the morning? Or would you countdown the days to payday?

When you find your why, you find your reason. Your belonging in the world and the real reason you wake up and get out of bed. This will be different for every single person. There is no one size fits all approach to your why, as much as the media and our education sometimes let’s us believe.

When you find your reason, you find what it is that sets your soul on fire. The thing that aligns perfectly with your life. No more question marks about what you might do, what you could do or what you should do. Your why is that little niggle in the back of your mind that keeps you up at night, that you think about when you’re having another bad day at the office doing a job that no longer fulfils you.

When you find your reason, you find what it is that sets your soul on fire.

Think about what your core values are. What your talents are. What you really love doing and think about how you can build that into something that feels less like a career and more like a lifestyle choice. Don’t think about creating it or starting it because of the financial reward it may bring. Your dreams aren’t created out of pound signs. Your dreams are created by nurturing that niggle.

When you find your why you’ll live the life that lights you up. You’ll never dread Monday morning again. You’ll forget when payday actually is and more than anything you’ll feel lighter, happier and pretty proud of yourself that you made this happen.’