See How Our Prices Are So Low

See How Our Prices Are So Low

What are insurance companies charging you?

The cost of every insurance policy you buy is made up of a number of different elements.

Price of the insurance cover

This is the amount that the insurance company puts aside to cover eventual claims.

Administration fees

This is an amount each company involved in the insurance policy needs to cover their costs. Things like answering telephone calls, sending out notifications, maintaining customer records etc.


This is the amount of extra cost you pay to cover the cost of selling you the policy. It goes to pay comparison sites, insurance sales people, advertising, financial advisers etc. This can be up to 30% of the cost of your insurance.

So what does Sherpa do differently?

Because your Sherpa membership means you can have several different types of policy under the same account you are still only paying the £5 membership fee no matter how much insurance you have.

Insurance cover with Sherpa

The chances of you needing to claim are a lot lower at the beginning of a policy than later on, so we have reflected that in the cost of your cover. The cost of your policy is lowest at the beginning and rises each year by just 3%. The overall cost of the cover is also really competitive as it is provided by Gen Re, one of the biggest re-insurers in the world.

Administration fees

Being a digital company means our costs, and those of our partners, are really low.  We don’t have expensive offices, ancient and creaking technology systems, and hordes of people doing manual processes.  So we pass these savings on to you.


‍We don’t charge you any commissions, just a simple monthly membership fee added to your premium. We think that’s fairer and better for you.

What does this mean for your insurance?

This means the more cover you need, the more you save because all those fees and commissions other companies would charge you just get multiplied up every time you increase your cover or buy another policy.

So, overall, when you add all this together, that is why we can be 20-40% better value than traditional alternatives.


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