Income Protection

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You rely on
your income.

To pay for food, housing, and all of your other expenses. What would you do if you suddenly lost your income?

It is an important question that really demands answers. Ignoring it in the hope that you never experience a loss of income isn't wise.


You know what's 
wise choice?

Purchasing income protection cover. For the little bit it costs you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will not be in financial jeopardy in the days and months immediately following an unexpected loss of income..


Short and Long Term
Income Protection Insurance.

Income protection cover is designed to provide temporary income in the event that you no longer have a steady stream of regular income.

Perhaps a bad economy leaves you without work and few prospects. Or maybe you unexpectedly fall ill with a condition that will keep you out of work for an undetermined amount of time.

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Did you know?

Loss of income is fairly common.

And it comes in many different forms, too. The good news is that income protection is readily available for both short- and long-term needs!

Insurance Cover

A short-term income protection policy is typically issued for one to two years.

These kinds of policies are known as accident, sickness, and unemployment products, implying how income from claims is generally used. Claim funds are intended to be used to support daily expenses. They are not intended to pay down debt.

Insurance Cover

A long-term income protection policy can extend well beyond a year or two. Policies are written to accommodate the needs of customers.

The biggest difference with long-term cover is that it is mainly for replacing income lost due to injury or illness. Long-term policies do not usually cover unemployment or redundancy.

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