A new frontier
of insurance.

We provide regulated financial advice, but there is more out there.

New technologies and new ways to do things... and we want you to join us this adventure.

See For Yourself


Join us on an A.I. adventure.

How risky is it?
Get a Personal Protection Score

Get a personal score out of 100.
Based on your data different categories of risks are caluabled. It then tells you how well you are covered and recommendations. 



Get access to the Sherpa Adventurer AI

Sherpa Adventurer A.I. is what we use to create a new risk profiles to help eliminate fees and commissions.

The Sherpa Protection Score (SPS) is the user-interface connects the you personally to the AI.


What  makes all
this stuff it work?

The SPS tool takes information you input, adds it to other data we have access to and delivers you a visual tool.

This tools is a representation of likelihood of certain events and effects of those events on you finances.

See For Yourself

Adventures coming Soon

Imagine an insurance policy that charges you based on you instead of everybody.

Our dynamic policy will adjust your coverage for you needs so you are never left unprepared for a worst-case scenario.

Free advice on what insurance you need. Like your own personal financial adviser.

Easy to understand.
Free FCA regulated
financial advice.

No appointments or wasted time.

No commitments needed.
Just complete a survey.

/ month
Insurance cover you need without all the extra stuff you don’t.

Access to Sherpa Guide.
Fully FCA regulated
insurance provider.

Tailored insurance cover made for you.

Up to 30% cheaper* than other insurance providers.

Access to new technologies from Sherpa. Use our AI to use cool (but unregulated) apps.

Access to Sherpa Guide.
AI powered insights into
your risk profile.

Free cutting-edge technology.

Get access to features and services pending regulation.