Insurance is Trust by Design

Insurance is Trust by Design

See Why Sherpa Sells “Confidence”

Insurance is a leap of faith. You pay premiums now, in the hope that, in the future, you will get paid a claim when life throws you a curveball.

So, you need to have absolute confidence in the company that insures you.  At Sherpa, this is not just an idle boast.  We have designed how we operate and how we get paid to guarantee this is true, always.

Unequivocally on your side

This means: no ifs, no buts, no mealy-mouthed get-out clauses.  We get paid by you.  We act in your best interests.  If you aren’t happy, you can cancel your membership, and still stay insured.  No questions asked.

Protection built to last

We are backed by GenRe, one of the world’s  largest reinsurers, so you can sleep soundly, knowing that they will be around to pay your claims.

Unbiased on principle

We want you to buy the right insurance, not waste your money on the wrong insurance.  So we offer free, unbiased advice (see here for details).

Fundamentally human

We are a community of members, not a faceless Insurance Company.  We are here to help you, and our members help each other.