Learn 10 Freelance Jobs You Never Knew Existed

10 Freelance Jobs You Never Knew Existed

The freelance jobs market in the UK alone is growing rapidly with over 5million of us wearing the ‘self employed’ hat. Pretty amazing! And the world of self-employment has helped our mindsets, our work-life balance, childcare and unemployment; now that’s really, really amazing!

So if you’re thinking about entering the world of freelance or looking for your next contract job, we’ve compiled this out of the ordinary list of 10 freelance jobs you might not realise exist! 

Our List of 10 Out of the Ordinary Freelance Jobs

1. Queuing Expert

This one takes some patience. But if you don’t mind waiting in long lines - and yes that might include waiting at the post office on the last posting day before Christmas - then you can become a profession queuer at Line Angel. It really does pay to be patient hey?

2. Desert Island Bookseller

So there’s only one vacancy for this job, but if you’re a lover of books and paradise islands (who isn’t?) then a resort in the Maldives is apparently looking for someone to run their island bookshop. INCREDIBLE!

3. Professional Tea Taster

There’s a lot of tasting jobs out there including dog-food taste testers! While that one takes the biscuit, a professional tea taster sounds right up our street. Plus there’s heaps of travel too.

4. Professional Party Goer

Rumour has it you can be hired to attend parties these days. One woman was even paid to attend a party impersonating another person. Can’t be a hard job to have, can it?

5. Bedwarmer

Getting to spend the night in a luxury hotel is something we all dream about, but there are professionals out there that warm up bed for a living. This woman charges £65 a night to lie in a bed and make sure it’s warm before her clients return. This service is so in demand she is employing a whole team of bed warmers!

6. Whisper Expert

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is defined as a calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation and is used to treat anxiety and insomnia. Whispering is a form of ASMR and there are YouTube stars across the world recording and sharing ‘whispering’ videos whilst earning a hefty salary!

7. Professional Mourner

I couldn't quite believe this one. Rent A Mourner lets your hire extra guests where numbers are expected to be low or new faces to help break the ice and get conversations started at a wake. You’d have to be pretty thick skinned for this one!

8. Professional Bridesmaid

From funerals to weddings. You could try your hand at becoming a professional bridesmaid. Whether your bride needs help wedding planning or wants a bridesmaid for the big day - becoming a professional bridesmaid freelance jobs could earn you £100 an hour!

9. Professional Binge Watcher

Many of us can admit to spending hours on a Sunday binge-watching the latest Netflix series. But imagine getting paid to do so? Netflix is hiring someone to do just that! The job description: ‘watch, research, rate, tag, annotate and write an analysis for movie and TV content.’ Sounds too good to be true, but I guess someones got to do it!

10. Fortune Cookie Writer

No Chinese takeaway would be complete without a fortune cookie! But have you ever thought about who writes this thought-provoking captions? It could a freelance job hunter like you!